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Why it’s a good idea to have a recent ultrasound machine purchase inspected by a repair company

by Dave on July 22, 2009

An ultrasound machine inspection is always a good idea

An ultrasound machine inspection is always a good idea

Whether you just bought your very first refurbished ultrasound machine or have been through the process dozens of times, it’s a good idea to get your new purchase inspected by a qualified ultrasound repair company. Even if you bought your ultrasound system from a reputable dealer who completely reconditioned, tested and inspected the machine, it’s always possible that the equipment was damaged during shipment, delivery or installation. That’s why it’s such a good idea to have an ultrasound service company at least give your machine a quick look.

Of course one of the first things you are going to do with a new machine is power it up and run it through a few tests, but even if it passes with flying colors that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you overlooked. Even a machine that appears to be working perfectly can sometimes have a minor problem that only a qualified ultrasound repair technician can spot. And more often than not, a simple problem that can be easily fixed will prevent a major problem from occurring down the road and costing you lots of money.

Anytime you buy an ultrasound machine is a good time to think about an ultrasound service contract. If you already have an existing service agreement, then make sure you notify the repair company to add the new machine and delete the old machine if you were making a replacement. And if you don’t have a service contract, then at least get a price quote and you might be surprised how inexpensive they can be, especially when compared to the cost of a major repair bill.

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