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Buying an ultrasound machine in need of repair can be a great investment

by Dave on July 2, 2009

If you’ve done any research into buying an ultrasound machine, then you know that purchasing a pre-owned or used ultrasound system can be significantly cheaper than buying a new one. Another option, which can save you even more money, is to buy a used ultrasound machine that is not currently working and then get a qualified ultrasound repair company to fix it for you. When an ultrasound machine is not working, the seller will often just be looking to unload it and sometimes those machines can be had for incredibly low prices. If you find a potential deal like that, then call up an ultrasound repair company and ask about having a repair technician check out the machine with you. You might find that the cost of the machine plus the cost of the repairs is much less than buying a comparable used ultrasound machine.

Of course there is some risk to buying a machine like this, because the seller is not likely to let your repair technician completely disassemble the machine in order to diagnose the exact problem. But a good ultrasound repair service company can often determine the potential problem without doing an intrusive inspection on the machine. If it turns out the problem is relatively simple and easy to fix, or maybe it just needs a part replaced, then you might just get a great ultrasound system at an incredible price.

And if you have more than one ultrasound machine in your business, then it can also make sense to buy the same model in non-working condition so that you can use it for parts and supplies if you ever need them. There are lots of ways to save money when purchasing ultrasound machines, and working together with your ultrasound service company can help make that happen.

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