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Advice for repairing portable ultrasound machines

by Dave on July 10, 2009

Ultrasound machines are remarkable pieces of technology and require surprisingly few repairs considering how complex and dynamic these machines really are. But just as with any type of medical equipment, there will come a time when you will need an ultrasound repair company. That is perhaps a little more likely when you are talking about repairing portable ultrasound machines. However, that’s not because portable ultrasound are any less reliable than full-size console machines. Rather it’s just the simple fact that a portable ultrasound system is likely to be used in extreme conditions, even outside in the snow, rain and dust. Plus, because they are moved around so much it’s easy for a portable machine to be damaged because of being bumped, dropped or even worse.

So the repairs needed for portable ultrasound machines are often different in that the problem relates to a foreign substance getting into the machine, or interior damage caused by a drop. But no matter what the actual damage is, in most cases it can be fixed by a qualified ultrasound repair technician. Many companies with portable or hand-held ultrasound machines opt to purchase an ultrasound repair service contract. Of course the best way to save money on portable ultrasound repair services is to not need to make a service call in the first place. That means it’s a good idea to take a few extra steps to protect your portable machine. Many models have protective carrying cases available, and some offer waterproof components. And it makes sense to remind the ultrasound operators that even though portable ultrasounds are exceedingly tough and can handle some pretty severe bumping, that they are still delicate machines and need to be cared for as such.

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